REHOS Product Designs

trading the IP gained by the former R&D company Heat Recovery Micro Systems

Absorption Heat Transformer (AHT) Concepts



Did you know that the absorption heat transformer (AHT) is a truly thermal energy powered device, unlike the conventional vapor compression (VC) devices, which are totally electrical energy powered

That is why the AHT may use as low as 1/1000 of the electricity required by the equivalent conventional VC heatpump or chiller!

Knowing that, why are we still using the VC devices in our heatpumps and refrigeration machines? Is it not time to upgrade to AHT-technology?

The attached pdf file is a very short management overview of what exactly the REHOS thermodynamic cycle is, starting with explaining the AHT used for pumping or "Upgrading" low temperature heat to a higher grade, and moving on to the organic rankine cycle (ORC), used for generating power from low temperature gradient's and then explaining the regenerative coupling, putting the heat extraction and power generation together, making the big difference in re-using the waste heat rejected by the ORC.... Please download this pdf article for a full understanding of the REHOS Cycle. It is only a few pages.....

The file is called: REHOS in a Nutshell.pdf written and published April 2020.